Everything You Need To Know About T-Shirt Screen Printing

T-shirt screen printing is probably the most effective ways of transferring great designs on your t-shirt. The process is included with many benefits such as:

Great quality: when you have used this process before you have to have noticed that ink does bond to your material adequately. This brings about clear and longer lasting images.

Versatility: if you are into t-shirt printing, the task doesn't limit one to it. You can also print other pursuits including: bags, jackets, hats and then any other apparel which you may be having.

Quick turnaround: unlike other processes that take hours or perhaps days to obtain the design you wish, screen printing takes only a few minutes along with a high quality image.

Creative: together with printing on different apparels, screen printing also allows you to definitely print any design you have. This means that you can obtain as creative as you wish and the exact design is going to be reflected with your t-shirt.

Cheaper: in the event you own a firm or considering producing t-shirts in big amounts, screen printing will be the way to go.

Guide regarding how to undertake screen printing

Copy: you should begin by copying your design onto a transparency paper you could easily get out of your local store. When copying the look you should copy it on the darkest portion of the paper. After copying it it is best to go through it carefully make certain that there are no faulty areas.

Get the screen: when you don't already own one, you ought to make your printing screen. As rule the screen ought to be simple but sturdy. If you have some money you must buy an already-made screen through the nearest art store.

Transfer the design and style: when the screen is ready you ought to transfer your design. For ideal results you must buy a photo-emulsion kit from a local craft store. When transferring the structure you should refer to the instructions given from the emulsion kit. You should note which you have to make use of a light bulb in transferring your design.

Wash: after transferring the look you should get rid of the parts you won't need by washing the screen using lukewarm water with low pressure. You can employ a sprayer at the kitchen sink or other appliance.

Pour ink: you need to then place an item of hard cardboard within the t-shirt. After making sure everything is smooth it is best to pour black or coloured ink on top of the screen. Using a squeegee or wiper you need to pull ink completely and bottom to top of the screen. You should then lift the screen and you need to see your design for the t-shirt.

Dry: you must dry your t-shirt then iron it for 4-5 minutes. To avoid damaging the transferred design you ought to lay white papers on the print before ironing.

For the screen for being clean and ready for the next printing you ought to wash it prior to the ink dries.


As you have often seen, the screen printing process is long plus you've got to be devoted to create a great design. If you don't possess the resources or will not have time you must consider buying already-screen printed t-shirts.

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